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"Art is not about things as they are, but about things as they matter."

About Rolf and Peter

Rolf and Peter Goetzinger hold firm that art created for spaces public and private should communicate specific ideas of place, purpose and form. It is their endeavor to create art that appeals not only to the eye, but to the mind and spirit as well. Their passion for art has led them to discover many avenues of the creative process.


You're invited to explore their visions and solutions for a variety of murals, sculpture and thematic environments.


Rolf (right) and Peter (left) were born to German immigrants living in Lewiston, Idaho. Their art education started early when their parents simply offered blank typing paper to express their creative energies. They persisted day after day, concocting some of the stangest subject matter that two boys could come up with. Upon entering college, they pursued a more formal and sane


art education. After four years of architecture study, Rolf joined his younger brother at Utah State University, where they both graduated in 1982 with degrees in illustration. Peter headed in the direction of Santa Cruz and San Francisco while Rolf journed back to the Pacific Northwest after years of both working in advertising, graphic design, and freelance illustration, the two rejoined their energies in Seattle, working at a scenic mural company, where they created some of the most massive and exciting projects that helped propel them in their careers. 


In 1992, Rolf, his wife Erika, and daughter Anja moved to the "country" near Spokane, Washington, to continue his career in illustration and mural work. In 2001, over 14 years after Anja was born, came Ellieanna, their  second "only child".


Peter formed a company specializing in architectural cast concrete, and in 2004, he and his wife Kelly, along with their son Orion also returned to the Inland Northwest, making their home at the base of the majestic Selkirk Mountains near Sandpoint, Idaho. This put Peter and Rolf again in close proximity to each other, and within a very short time, the two artist brothers were once more collaborating their creative energies to produce even more magnificent creations.


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